Patronal Feast of San Roque

This feast is celebrated between the 14th and the 25th of August, in honour of San Roque, the city’s patron. It was declared a “National Tourist and Cultural Interest” because of the diverse programme of activities undertaken yearly and the religious and traditional content of the celebration.
There is a high number of visitors, especially when traditional events are on, such as the release of the hot air balloon and the Caneiros pilgrimage. The balloon is launched at midnight on the 16th of August. The Caneiros is celebrated on the 18th and 25th of August and constitutes a parade on the Mendeo river that is full of decorated boats carrying the pilgrims upstream to finally enjoy an all day party.

Medieval Festival

The festival is celebrated on the second Sunday of July and is a step back into the past. During this time, the historical centre becomes a typically medieval city, with different artisan stands, typical medieval activities, as well as different theatrical plays and street music.

We should also highlight the participation of the Betanzos citizens, both from organizations and individuals, and the numerous ancient costumes seen in the city during the celebration. It has been declared a “Festivity of Tourist Interest of Galicia”.

Holy Week (Easter)

Long-established in the region, there are numerous processions and lots of participants, making it one of the most attractive Holy Weeks in Galicia. It was declared a Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest in 2017.

We should also draw attention to the processions on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, and the especially beautiful one is known as “Os Caladiños”.


Other traditions