In Betanzos, tourists can taste delicious delicacies thanks to the variety of tasty products from our farms, rivers and estuary. An important factor are the weekly markets and fortnightly fairs that present products of excellent quality.

In the numerous cellars, bars, taverns and restaurants you can taste any dish, but we are going to highlight the most typical and recognised ones by our visitors.

The seafood from the Betanzos estuary such as clams, mussels, velvet crabs, spider crabs, octopus or squids are incomparable.

The fish from the Mendo and Mandeo rivers are very tasty, not forgetting the bass from the estuary. We also have all kinds of meats: beef, pork, game…; local cheese, pastries and homemade sausages.

Spanish Omelette from Betanzos

This is the main delicacy of Betanzos. The omelette is made from olive oil, potatoes, salt and free range eggs. It can be tasted in every bar and restaurant of the city.

Cabbage of Betanzos

This is sold at weekly markets. They are sweet and were used to in Galician broth until the emergence of the turnips. Let’s not forget that there’s even a Galician song: “rice and peas, new potatoes, cabbage of Betanzos and onions…”

Wine from Betanzos

There are documents from the Middle-Ages talking about the wine of Betanzos, which was one of the main trades in the city port. After several plagues during the XIX century, nowadays some vines have been recovered and have been certified as “Wine from the Land of Betanzos”. It is a light, fruity, low-alcohol, wine, and has red and white varieties. The tradition is to drink it in private cellars, indicated by a laurel branch on the door.


In addition there are many other Betanzos delicacies to enjoy local cuisine, for example this popular muffin of the Magdalena. It’s a stuffed bread bun. It is a meat and egg bun, something like a meat empanada but a little more forceful. A typical food of Easter Monday to celebrate the Feast of the Magdalena.